January 20th, 2018

Feast is limited to 100 seats, so please reserve your place early.

For Reservations, please contact Mistress Alamanda at



For questions about the menu or allergy concerns, also contact

Mistress Alamanda at the email listed above!


12th Night Menu

1st Course

Sausages (GF)

Veggie pasties (V)

Savory pancakes with cheese (V, GF)

2nd Course

Mini quiches (V)

Baked fish (GF)

Baked chicken (GF)

Mustard sauce

Butter/garlic/lemon sauce

Rice (V, GF)

Asparagus (V, GF)

3rd Course

Lentil stew (V)

Roast beef (GF)

Roasted root vegetables (V, GF)

Green beans (V, GF)

4th Course

Poached pears with red currant sauce (V, GF)

Cheese plate (V, GF)


V-vegetarian   GF-gluten free