Welcome One and All to a Sworded Affaire!!!


This year, Sworded Affaire will prove to be even more scandalous than usual as Romeo and Juliet take center stage!  A curse on both of their houses for the bloodshed that is sure to ensue when two powerful and opposing houses are involved!  You will however, need to do more than bite thy thumb, because there will be plenty of fantastic rapier fighting to be had!!!  Ready your weapons, your wit, and your skill so that you too can engage…in a SWORDED AFFAIR!!!


Once all fighters have had their fill of fighting, please stay for a fine feast to commemorate Fontaine’s Baronial Investiture.  That’s right, tears of sorrow will turn into tears of joy as Master Angus Reid MacFarlane and Lady Elizabeth Anne Grene step down as the Baron and Baroness of Fontaine dans Sable and Don Estevan de Sepultura and Lady Emily MacRae step up!


Along with all of these fine activities, we invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the hospitality of the Oasis that IS Fontaine dans Sable!