July 3rd through July 6th, 2014

Come one and all to the eleventh annual Warders of the Western Gate.

Their Excellencies, Estevan and Emily are pleased to invite you to our little oasis, for fun, heavy fighting, archery, fun, rapier fighting, fun, thrown weapons, parties, fun....did we mention fun?

Once again our Warders grow weary, nearly a year has past and it is time to choose new champions to take up arms and defend our borders. Our Warders, Sable, Argent, Vert, and Azure, have each chosen a challenge to test your skills in their chosen arenas, and The Bard of Fontaine is looking for new stories to be spun as well.

There will be many light and heavy tournaments in addition to the Warders tournaments: Syr Michael McBain will once again hold the Artus Cominus tourney, the Rock will make his presence known, the new Captain of the Golden Paws will be chosen, and the Barons past and present will again be sponsoring their tournament. These are but a few of the heavy and lights activities planned for your weekend, not to mention our fabulous archery range, and the activities planned there!

Last but certainly not least, as of this writing we have broken ground on OUR NEW CASTLE!!!! We are building a new fortification in which all of the fighting, fencing, partying, Courts and anything else we can think of will happen.

Warders of the Western Gate

Barony of Fontaine dans Sable

07/03/2014 - 07/06/2014

OPENS: 12:00PM   CLOSES: 12:00PM

Piper's Keep

CR 2300 , Aztec, N.M. 87410


Event Stewards:

Syr Tam Mac Grimm (Matt Bodine)

matt.bodine@hotmail.com 505-592-3602

THL Gareth Lightborn (Brian Marshall)



Site Fee: Site fee is $15 for adults $5 for children between 6 and 15 Children 5 and under are free $40 family cap

Make checks payable to "SCA Inc - Barony of Fontaine dans Sable"

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