July 3rd through July 6th, 2014




Noon: Site Opens

Barons’ Heavy Tournament (A tourney for all sponsored by current and former landed nobles)  - to be held late afternoon/early evening. Tentatively 6:00 PM.

Rapier Melee on the Rock Battle Field—late afternoon/early evening




9:00 AM: Opening Court

9:00 AM (immediately following court) Archery Range Opens

9:30 AM Swiss Five Rapier Tourney

9:30 AM The ROCK Tournament (Armored Melee!!!)

1:00 PM Quest for the Assassin

2:00 PM   Vert Warder and all other Arts and Sciences Competitions begin accepting entries

3:30 PM Lady of the Rose Archery Shoot

5:00 Court (at Their Majesties and Excellencies’ whim)

6:00 PM Artus Cominus (Heavy Tournament)

6:00 PM Golden Paw Tournament

Immediately Following Court:  The Bard of Fontaine Competition



9:00 AM:  Court

Sable Warder (Armored Combat Champion Tournament) immediately following Court.

The Roof is on Fire Rapier Tourney, open to all (immediately following Sable)

3:00 PM Argent Warder (Archery Champion)

4:00 PM: Azure Warder (Rapier Champion)

4:30 PM Wee Warder Class

5:00 PM Wee Warder Tournament

6:00 PM: Court

PARTY!!!!!  Immediately following court!



Noon: Site Closes