September 29-October 1, 2017

Conventions for the Warder’s Competitions

Azure Warder (Rapier)

Tournament shall be fought sword and dagger. Final round will be determined by double dagger. No blades longer than 40 inches. Bye rounds will be fought by current Azure Warder and are DESTRUCTIVE. Two out of three, double elimination.

Sable Warder (Heavy Weapons)

Traditional tournament, bring your best!

Argent Warder (Archery)

The tournament will be a Roving Shoot.

Vert Warder (A&S)

The theme this year is Generosity! Extra credit to entrants that are donated at the end of the competition. Please indicate if your entry is to be donated at the end of the documentation. Documentation must be over 1 page.

Wee Warder (Youth)

Entrants will need to complete the Wee Warder class and compete in a traditional single sword tournament, best 2 out of 3.

Black and Blue

Black and blue is wide open and, as always, populace choice! But Lord Stuart, our past champion, would like to give extra credit if it can be tied into a Roman theme.

Fab Five Largesse Donation Derby

Five pieces of largess all of similar theme. Each entrant gets to choose a piece of largess to take home, the rest will go to Their Excellencies.

Bard of Fontaine Competition

This year the bard competition will be Story and Song! One spoken piece and one song piece. Come out and show us your best!