October 7th  - 9th, 2016

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Conventions for the Warder’s Competitions

Azure Warder - Rapier

The tournament will be a dice roll. The roll of the dice determines the weapon/s the fighter will use.

Sable Warder - Heavy Weapons

The tournament will be 'bring your best' until the finals. The final round will be fought with great weapons.

Argent Warder - Archery

The tournament will be a Roving Shoot.

Black & Blue (A&S) - Theme: "Fontaine Pride!" Entries must be in the colors of black and blue. Documentation will be a 3x5 card. This card will include the answers to the following questions:

1. What is your project? (Short description) 

2. How does this project help you show your pride in being a member (living here or honary) of Fontaine?

Vert Warder -"Bring Your Best!!!" Documentation for your entry needs to be 3 pages and, if you choose to have more than 3 pages of documentation, there's a chance for extra points! Contact THL Isabella with questions (IsabellaAmbrosini@msn.com).

Wee Warder - Children

The tournament will be a traditional single sword tournament, best 2 out of 3.

Bard of Fontaine

Each Bard must prepare two pieces.

A SAD song or story and a HAPPY song or story, with the condition that, as a Bard, you entertain everyone that is in attendance, not just the Baron and Baroness.

Fab Five—Largesse

This is open to all! No documentations required. Create 5 items that are suitable for largesse and based on a same or similar theme. All entries should be tagged and ready to be gifted the day of the competition. Tags should include your name, your group, what the item is, and the materials (wool, cotton, etc.). Please have scented items packaged so they are contained. The populace favorite will get a prize. All participants will get an item of their choice, the rest of the items go to their Excellencies. Contact Lady Melangell with questions (ladymelangell14@yahoo.com or 505-947-1998).